Leadership as First-Responders

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Leadership is being challenged in ways we could hardly imagine a month or two ago. The collective concern felt by people everywhere is palpable, and it’s unknown how long this crisis will last.

Our clients, fellow artistic-visionaries, are seeking insight, advice, and radical self-care healing, so they can carry out their important work of leadership. We’re here for you and for that.

Of course, our guidance depends upon their particular situation and most clients have multiple currents of disruption happening now. However, there are some commonalities that we’re all experiencing.

This Studio conversation is centered on how you, the leader, is a First Responder to the health of your organization in this time of crisis.

Our conversation ranges from Eileen Caddy to Perennial Philosophy to poetry in times of crisis—and Owen offers insightful healing from the three mantra-metaphors of this time:

  1. “Wash your Hands”

  2. “Social Distancing”

  3. “Flatten the Curve”

And, of course, Owen wraps it all up with a light-hearted medley purpose-build for you.

Certainly, there is no shortage of advice about how to handle the biological and psychological aspects of the situation. Rest assured, our advice is aimed at both the practical, the organizational, the individual, and the artistic. We hope you enjoy!

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