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A peer-coaching group to deepen your whole-hearted leadership.

The Studio Leadership Circle is a peer-coaching group of business leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to working and living whole-heartedly. The focus of this 9-month program is to elevate your leadership stance, expression, and impact—including, increased effectiveness with your team, improved innovation, better communication and elevated self-awareness of your leadership brilliance. Even if you are already part of Vistage, EO or similar CEO roundtable, we invite you to take advantage of this group as a personal and professional amplifier to your professional journey and effectiveness in all aspects of your life.

Like the artist, the leader must draw on her own unique abilities, vision, values, and personality. As with art, leadership practices must inspire creative energy, foster inspiration, and support the self-expression that leads to innovative leaps.

Every leader, every artist, must begin at the beginning, and that is with the self. Clarifying goals and vision as a leader is an essential part of approaching leadership as a wholehearted journey; however, this is no simple task and requires first the crucible and kiln of the dialogue of expression, reflection, self-assessment, and experimentation.

The Studio Leadership Circle is a limited number of experienced and vetted professionals who want to claim a deeper relationship and understanding of your embodied voice as a leader. Guided and led by The Studio leaders, Libby Wagner, Owen Ó Súilleabháin and Steven Morris, this group forms a tightly knit Circle that will explore and excel your creative leadership stance and expression in your world.

The Studio Leadership Circle includes:

  • 9 monthly video coaching calls / 90 minutes.
  • Each monthly call will have a thematic topic unfolding, a discussion section, and a pragmatic application section.
  • A one-day Studio Leadership Circle retreat in San Francisco Bay area in late 2018.
  • One, 1-hour private 1:1 coaching call with a Studio leader to accelerate your whole-hearted leadership and ideas.
  • Creative Accountability Partner.
  • Maximum of 15 experienced professionals in the Circle to keep intimate.
  • 20% discount on any Studio immersion event in 2018
  • Cost is $5,500 for full payment upfront, or two payments of $3,000

Shifts in markets, technology, and competitive forces require leaders and organizations to modify their approaches to running a business with more courageous leadership approaches that deploy vision, imagination, risk-taking, and creativity. These traits are born and bred in the world of artists, and leaders can learn to think, work, and live like artists in their own business environments.

Outcomes you can expect from the Studio Leadership Circle:

  • Connect with like-minded professionals who desire a whole-hearted approach to their work and lives.
  • Learn from and inspire you peers within this powerful business leader circle.
  • Integrate and infuse principles of artistry practice and awareness into your life and work.
  • You grow more fully into your own unique and powerful stance as a leader and a primal human being.
  • Inspired resource list (articles, books, videos, songs, poems, visuals for your nourishment and provocation)
  • Bring new ideas and/or concepts to life via the Studio Leadership Circle coaches and your peers.
  • Accountability from Studio coaches and peers to bring your ideas into fruition.

If you are a leader who finds yourself on the threshold of change—your own internal journey, the shifting tides of the external world, or perhaps even both—the Studio Leadership Circle may be for you.

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