Self-Portrait / Retreat

Self-Portrait /
The Internal Path to Leadership Artistry

An immersive retreat for leaders seeking wholeheartedness.

Sleeping Lady Resort / Leavenworth, WA

The world is hungry for the real work, your real work, to be roused into a world of meaning and wonder.

Every leader, every artist, must begin at the beginning, and that is with the self. Clarifying goals and vision as a leader is an essential part of approaching leadership as a wholehearted affair; however, this is no simple task and requires first the crucible and kiln of the internal dialogue of reflection, self-assessment, and experimentation.

If you are a leader who finds yourself on the threshold of change—your own internal journey, the shifting tides of the external world, or perhaps even both—then this Studio experience may be the invitation you desire. The Studio, led by three successful entrepreneurs and artists, combines immersive, hands-on experiences with the written word, the artistic visual, and the sounds of music to create a unique approach to leadership through the lens of artistry.

The Studio approach centers around the metaphor and exercise of Self-Portrait. We craft an image of ourselves, the way we are seen in the world, by shaping our intentions, our inner dialogue, and eventually our actions. The artistry and creativity of our leadership calls us to be more courageous and honest in our conversations with ourselves and with our work. You can expect to do the following:

  • Examine and experiment with artistry practices to clarify your intentions and align these with your organizational vision
  • Explore the space between your leadership intentions and the ordinary outcomes you experience in your work
  • Create a refined personal intention for wholeheartedness in your work and more creative approaches to the mundane

We ask you to be willing to dive in, take some risks, and imagine how your own work and leadership could be so much more fulfilling, enlivening and rewarding.

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Libby Wagner / / 206.351.8187
Owen Ó Súilleabháin / / 716.380.7244
Steven Morris / / 619.540.1263

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The Location:

Sleeping Lady Resort / Leavenworth, WA

The Studio immersion retreat, Self-Portrait, begins with your journey to the Cascade mountains of Washington State, a beautiful wild location along the Icicle River to the cozy and comfortable Sleeping Lady Resort. We’ve considered every detail, including transportation to the resort, comfortable accommodations, a quiet spaciousness, wooded surroundings, and delicious food. Imagine crackling fires, starlit nights, Chihuly glass sculptures, good conversation, and pragmatic application.

Costs to Attend:

Due to the intimate, hands-on and immersive nature of Self-Portrait, there will be limited availability. Costs are all inclusive of lodging, meals, retreat materials and transportation from and to SEATAC Airport