Unveiling the Mysteries of Artistry and Leadership.

Owen Ó Súilleabháin, Libby Wagner, Steven Morris

With the recent success of our first few salons, our first podcast interview, our upcoming session at the 30th Anniversary of the Social Venture Network and our upcoming Self-Portrait retreat, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about The Studio—What is this? Why now? And why you?

WHAT is this? The Studio is a place where you explore how to lead and live like an artist—we believe that this is the antidote to business as usual.

The Studio is both a consultancy and a place to practice leadership in expanded ways. Our immersive Studio experiences are all designed to enliven, inspire and enlighten leaders.

WHY now? Like never before, we face an overload of information, an absurd pace of change, a deepening disconnection despite the convenience of technology, social upheaval and unrest. We also have the opportunity to shift and innovate, do work that matters, to thrive and to create an impact. How do we want to show up for this? How do we want to build our lives and our work without sacrificing our humanity? How can we be courageous enough to hold the conversations we really need to have?

Is the Studio for you?
If you desire to lead and live like an artist, then you have found your tribe.
Our principles and phases of artistry are shared amongst those who have the dream of making something elegant and effective—a business, a team, a project, a working relationship, an organization, a new product or service—a life lived from a creative center.

Over the coming months, we invite you to nourish your own leadership artistry —through writings on leadership, wholeheartedness, artistry, connection and communication. We will also share articles, videos, music, and images, and we invite you to interact with us and each other.

We know you’ll be both inspired and informed, and hope that you say yes to some of our invitations – that you find a place with us along the path of artistry.

Are you ready to dive into something wonderful? Something courageous for which you’ve been yearning? Just say yes.


New Poetry: Spoken Word & Music / Now Just This

poems by Libby Wagner & music by Owen Ó Súilleabháin / Download here


New work from Steven Morris’ Emergence Series / title: Third Body

48”x24” / Oil with cold wax and mixed media on wood panel

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