The Nourishment of Artistry.

I was honored to be interviewed recently by the powerful wisdom workers at We covered many leaps and bounds speaking about how art lifts us up and carries us through testing and trying times in our lives.


Leaders at all levels of organizations are expected to drive through tough directives, meet hard deadlines and generate ever growing returns. Yet if these actions are not coupled with an artistic approach then the results to the individual are stress, disengagement, burn out and break down. The exploitation of the Human Resource, without the nourishment of artistry, leads to individual exhaustion and confusion.

Art is the compass that keeps us on track. Art is the balm that soothes the strains of our hard labour. Our life and our work without art simply results in the daily grind that aggravates so much of the untreated pain and despair that we see in the world around us.

Art does not only heal. Art also encourages great change and strength. At any moment in our lives we can draw from the well of culture and nature and become fortified for the all the journeys that we are to embark upon. Art is our touchstone for change and our cornerstone for strength.

Art is the most sophisticated form of engineering for living that we have. Art is the technology that truly cuts to the quick of the complexity required to navigate the oceans of experience.

Our work at The Studio shows you how to access and apply this artistry in very practical and beautiful ways – ways that you actually knew all along.

— insights from Studio founder Owen Ó Súilleabháin

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